Vishal Gulati

60% of Teenagers are ‘highly addicted’ to smartphones!

August 4, 2011


So this year, more smartphones were sold than feature phones. Naysayers take note, this is only going to grow and we are going to be more and more addicted to them. 60% of teenagers (presumably only a small proportion of them have smartphones) consider themselves as highly addicted to them….oh dear, no more hanging around in shopping malls like the good old days then.

For the first time, smartphone sales outstripped sales of regular mobiles in the first half of this year as the enormous demand continues to rise. Just over half of the total 13.6m mobile sales from January to June 2011 were smartphones, according to research by GfK Retail and Technology UK.Of the new generation of smartphone users, 60% of teenagers classed themselves as “highly addicted” to their device, compared to 37% of adults.

Source: Facebook and Twitter fuel iPhone and BlackBerry addiction, says Ofcom | Technology | The Guardian