Vishal Gulati

Fashionable Prosthetics Use 3-D Printers For Personal Pizzazz : Shots — Health News : NPR

April 3, 2016

One of Create’s first clients was retired Army Capt. Bergan Flannigan, who ordered a black cover for her prosthetic leg, imprinted with the World War II icon, Rosie the Riveter. “I just think she’s cool,” Flannigan explains. “She’s a pioneer for women’s rights.”

Source: Fashionable Prosthetics Use 3-D Printers For Personal Pizzazz : Shots — Health News : NPR

There was a time when you had to be lucky to have a prosthesis and that prosthesis was something that was grey and functional. It was also unassuming, it never dared to be as good as the real thing. But things changed. I wrote about it a few years ago. Prosthetics are moving away from being a ‘placeholder’ with a stigma attached. Prosthetics can now do more than the body part you lost. And they don’t only come in ‘any colour, as long as it is black’.

3D printed coloured prosthetics with superheroes printed is becoming the standard of care and how wonderful it is.

Here is the NPR story that reminded me of this: