Vishal Gulati

Healthcare service sucks – but chip shop offers hope

January 2, 2017

It must be a slow news day at the BBC but this is an important wake-up call for healthcare service providers. A Belfast man who was not well (I am guessing he had man-flu) ordered chips from a local chip shop and requests them to buy him cold medicines on the way.

This shows us that the world we live in today most industries have found ways and developed systems to serve immediate needs of their users but healthcare providers seem to be lagging. Some national pharmacy chains have delivery services but none of them deliver as fast as the local chip shop.

Good news is that some companies are building new digital products to plug this gap. One of them is Echo which I have been tracking who promise to manage your prescriptions for you. Of course, you can use PushDr if you wanted a prescription medication without  having to go out to see your GP on new year’s day.

A Belfast chip shop goes viral after receiving an order for cold medicine from a customer.

Source: Belfast chip shop goes viral after delivery order for cold and flu tablets – BBC News