Vishal Gulati

Q&A With Angel Investor Vishal Gulati

Q&A with angel investor Vishal Gulati Vishal Gulati is a partner at the venture capital investor Draper Esprit specialising in healthcare. Formerly a doctor and clinical scientist, Gulati has led Draper’s investments in Push Doctor and Ieso Digital Health. London-based Gulati, 48, is also an angel investor, and has backed Quit Gen

NHS’s digital ambitions spur tech start-ups into action

NHS’s digital ambitions spur tech start-ups into action From Liverpool to London, patients are receiving treatment in a way unimaginable when the National Health Service was founded just over 70 years ago. From virtual clinics to wearable devices, technology has already transformed the way millions of Britons consult and communicate with their doctors.    

These five AIM firms could own the tech stars of tomorrow

Draper Esprit highlighted as a leading listed companies giving access to the best private tech companies. Trust Pilot and Push Doctor mentioned