Vishal Gulati

[Not Onion] British Hospital First to Use Technology Already Being Used By 300m People! 

March 10, 2014

A hospital in the UK will be passing on some of its work-flow of seeing patients to an online format. You know, the kind grandmas around the world have been using to watch their grandkids grow up far away. What is reported as a major advance (extra flag waving 🇬🇧 points to Telegraph for pointing out that the UK is ahead of its European counterparts).
Of course, if you look at hospital work flow, there are a lot of things that are currently done face-to-face because that was the only way to ‘see’ a patient but these workflows are antiquated. Now someone has gone and cut out those things which could be run

A hospital in Staffordshire is set to become the first in Europe where doctors consult with their patients via Skype

Source: British hospital to become first in Europe to use Skype for consultations – Telegraph