Vishal Gulati

One company hopes cute cat pictures will convince you to take your medicine

October 9, 2015

Did you take your medicines today?

One of the bizarre aspects of the Internet has been the discovery and acceptance of the appeal of cute cats on the Internet. Anthropologists will spend years trying to find deep seated cultural reasons for how the feline creature went from being a subject of hatred in mediaeval times ended  up being so popular on the Internet. Meanwhile, a digital health company, Memotext, is not going to wait for the analysis to come out before it puts this phenomenon to good use.

Memotext is exploiting the high engagement value of cat pictures to remind patients to do things like take their medicines. Apparently it works better than boring text messages which people find easy to ignore. Who would have thoughts that cats would one day be useful in addressing one of the biggest healthcare problem, that of patient adherence.