Vishal Gulati

Put Down That Glass of Chocolate Milk. Now!

January 17, 2016

From University of Maryland comes this cautionary tale which is not unique but is probably a the best example in which everything that is wrong with poor science and poor journalism came together.

Vox dissection of University of Maryland Chocolate Milk Study

Scientists (or at least in UoM definition of that) conducted a study (again UoM definition) in which they found that football players drinking a particular brand named chocolate milk performed better and had fewer concussion related effects.

The study design was indefensible because the claim that a specific brand of chocolate milk was good was made despite there being no other chocolate milk being included in the study as a comparison. Also, the university seems to have gone ahead with the dubious claim of the company that their milks is sourced from ‘super’ cows 🐮. No one know what makes these cows super.

Oh, did I tell you that the ‘study’ was released to the press before it was published in a peer reviewed journal.

Oh how many ways I loath you, university press offices…

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