Vishal Gulati

What we don’t know about the brain has a huge cost. Human and Financial

April 3, 2016

Forum Pharmaceuticals’ rare, high-risk strategy to launch ambitious late-stage trials for schizophrenia with a single major investor has ended in failure, triggering a company-wide reorganization.

Source: With two PhIII schizophrenia trials in ruins and Alzheimer’s on hold, Forum chops staff and considers options – FierceBiotech

Fierce Biotech is reporting major restructuring of Forum Pharma (previously known as EnVivo Pharmaceuticals ) which did the unthinkable, i.e. went into Phase III of a CNS drug not in partnership with a big pharma. It was a pretty bold bet by Fidelity Biosciences (now F-Prime).
I think there is another point that needs to be made which is that we don’t really know enough about the brain and every-time a new drug fails in late trials it exposes are incompleteness of our understanding of the CNS. And every time a drug based on a scientific hypothesis fails in late stage clinical trials we know less about CNS than we did before it failed because what we thought we knew is no longer true.